Q1. How can I use IVF lab services?

Ans: You have to sign up at our website i.e. https://eivf.in/ enter your information and select service you want to avail. enter date and time of booking and submit. One of our executive will call you back to confirm the booking.

Q2. What if i want to do my own Ovum Pick up ?

Ans: Yes, you can do your own ovum pick up procedures. However, you just need to submit copy of your registration certificates and qualification certificates through our website panel.

Q3. What are quality standards of IVF lab and instruments?

Ans: The IVF Labs we are associated are thoroughly checked on quality parameters by our engineers. All the instruments are of international standards.

Q3. What about the consent for IVF Procedures and responsibilities?

Ans: We do take consent at IVF lab of patients, however, sole responsibility will be of the operating doctor. Also, you have to take separate consent before starting stimulation.

Q4. Can we hire embryologist of our choice?

Ans: YES

Q5. What about media and disposable quality?

Ans: We use standard IVF media and disposable routinely used in the industry with proven results.

Q6. Do you have patient counselling facility?

Ans: YES, We do have in house patient counselor. You can avail counselling services through our website.

Q7. What safety measures you take in this Corona situation?

Ans: We regularly check all our staff temperature. We sanitize door handles and common area regularly. We prefer patient go through corona test if he/she has any symptoms.